Sports Medicine Staff

The Sports Medicine staff consists of three Certified Athletic Trainers, Team Physicians, and student athletic trainers.  Occidental College also serves as a clinical education site for the Kaiser-Permanente, Sunset’s Family Practice Sports Medicine fellowship program and the fellowship program in Orthopedic Sports Medicine of Congress Medical Associates.  


Certified Athletic Trainers

Joseph M. Gonzalez, MA, ATC, CSCS Assistant AD/Sports Medicine 
Brian Gomez, ATC Athletic Trainer
Lauren Wagner, MA, ATC Athletic Trainer


Team Physicians

Gregory J. Adamson, MD, Team Physician, Orthopedics
William P. Croom, MD, Team Physician, Orthopedics
Marissa S. Vasquez, MD, Team Physician, Family and Sports Medicine
Yemi Ajirotutu, MD, Team Physician, Family and Sports Medicine
Vernon B. Williams, MD, Team Physician, Sports Neurology
Ilan J. Danan, MD, M.Sc., Team Physician, Sports Neurology
Hirsh Kaveeshvar, MD, Team Physician, Sports Neurology
Wayne Nakamura, DDS, Team Physician, Sports Dentistry
Physical Therapists
Tim Alemi, PT, DPT
Zach Cogen, PT, DPT



Contact Information:

Department of Athletics- M19
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA  90041-3314
Phone: (323) 259-2572 | Fax (323) 259-2736