Dale Widoff Letter to the Occidental Community

August 21, 2010

Friends and colleagues:

I come to you today chastened, regretful and offering my deepest apologies.

I made poor decisions that called my ethics into question. I failed to give appropriate thought to my conduct, failed to consider how my actions appeared to others, and failed to consider how my choices would impact my players, staff and the Oxy community as a whole.

I violated NCAA rules. I breached applicable Occidental College employment policies. I damaged the trust bestowed upon me by my colleagues and the College.

I am sorry. I made mistakes. I was wrong. I accept full responsibility for the decisions I made and the consequences flowing from those decisions. Effective September 1, continuing until my return on October 10, I will be suspended without pay from my position as head football coach for the Oxy Tigers. During that time I will not serve in any coaching role and will not attend any practice session or games, and will have no contact with any current football staff or players.

I have agreed to these sanctions. I earned them based on my own conduct, my own decisions.

Let me be clear to all. Athletic Director Jaime Hoffman and the entire Oxy leadership staff have approached this situation thoughtfully, deliberately and fairly. I am grateful for their generosity, forgiveness and for being willing to give me the opportunity to return to the Oxy community.

I owe an apology to my players and coaching staff for putting them into this difficult position. I have learned a hard lesson. I accept full responsibility and look forward to making things right.


Dale Widolff