Former Player Messick Giving Back Through Hoops

Former Player Messick Giving Back Through Hoops

LOS ANGELES — Former Occidental women's basketball star Bitsy Messick '14 has been keeping busy and giving back through basketball.

The former All-SCIAC post player created a program called 4theWin Basketball that puts on free camps and clinics across Los Angeles.

"I am really proud of Bitsy for putting 4theWin Basketball Camp together.  Her efforts epitomize the importance and impact of giving back - something we emphasize in our basketball and athletics program." 

Q & A With Messick

1). What have you been up to since graduating from Oxy?

Since graduating I have been working in Alzheimers Disease Research at UCLA as a clinical research coordinator. I also spent a year volunteer coaching at Caltech and I am now on my second season as an assistant basketball coach at Flintridge Prep. 

2) What motivated you to put this camp/clinic together, and how did the clinic go?

Basketball has always been a part of my life and was always the way I got through the hard times. It was a positive outlet for me and I wanted to be able to provide the experience of being at a basketball camp to kids who can't afford to pay for basketball camps. I also wanted to to share the joy that basketball and coaching has given to me to make an impact on the community. The camp was an amazing experience! We had 40+ campers show up and once camp was over, parents, campers, and camp staff were all asking when the next one was going to be so they could be a part and invite more kids to come be a part of the amazing experience. It was very rewarding to see my vision come to life and see the positive impact it had on everyone involved.

3) What are your short term/long term future goals/aspirations?

Next Fall I will be attending Emory University to get my Masters in Public Health. I ultimately  would like to own my own free health clinic and be able to provide health care and health education to at-risk communities.  In addition, I will be starting my own non-profit "4 the Win" that will be an extension of the first camp. The mission will be to provide a positive outlet to youth through free sports camps. I am also already in the process of partnering with Denker Recreation Center again to help create the next free basketball camp for the South LA community. We hope to have the next one within the next 6 months.

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