Farrell Wins Again at No. 1 Singles

Farrell Wins Again at No. 1 Singles

LOS ANGELESSamantha Farrell earned another win at No. 1 singles, outlasting Annika Kezman 4-6, 6-3, 10-8.

The Tigers were edged as a group by Salisbury, 7-2.

Farrell, a senior from Oakland, responded well after dropping the first set. Kezman was consistent and hit high moon-ball forehands. Farrell remained composed and took her shots on the rise, taking away Kezman's time. In the tiebreaker, Farrell found her rhythm and competitive spirit, finishing off the win with a flat, aggressive forehand cross court. 

Farrell's only losses this year came against Claremont-Mudd-Scripps and Redlands. 

Oxy's other win came at No. 3 doubles where Nicole Pelletier and Lauren Hutkin are finding their stride as a doubles team. Hutkin had a presence at the net, coming up with volleys that put her opponents on their heels. Pellitier stayed consistent with her double-handed forehand.

"As a group, our team was very focused and composed," Oxy head coach Rachel Manasse said. 

The Oxy women fall to 2-4 on the season.

Oxy's next match is Saturday against Wellesley, opening a streak of four consecutive non-conference matches in as many days. 

Position  Occidental College  Salisbury University  Winner  Score
 #1 Singles  Samantha Farrell  Annika Kezman  Occidental College  4-6, 6-3, 10-8
 #2 Singles  Andrea Clawson  Julia Kwedi  Salisbury University  6-3, 6-1
 #3 Singles  Alana Adelman  Taylor Cooper  Salisbury University  6-0, 6-0
 #4 Singles  Nicole Pellitier  Sydney Soto  Salisbury University  6-1, 6-1
 #5 Singles  Lauren Hutkin  Jordan Schaefer  Salisbury University  6-3, 6-2
 #6 Singles  Emily Davis  Shannon Hickman  Salisbury University  6-2, 6-1
 #1 Doubles  Samantha Farrell 
 Emily Davis
 Annika Kezman 
 Julia Kwedi
 Salisbury University  8-1
 #2 Doubles  Andrea Clawson 
 Alana Adelman
 Jordan Schaefer 
 Sydney Soto
 Salisbury University  9-7
 #3 Doubles  Nicole Pellitier 
 Lauren Hutkin
 Taylor Cooper 
 Ariana Leggio
 Occidental College  8-3