Final Oxy Invite Information Available

Final Oxy Invite Information Available

2013 Oxy Invitational Final Meet Information


Entries are now closed. No late entries or meet day entries will be accepted under any circumstances.

Heats and flights are available by clicking here.


Rekortan 8 lane track -1/4” spikes requested.  The hammer and javelin will take place on upper campus.  The upper athletic fields are approximately half a mile from the track stadium.  The javelin will be thrown from a grass runway.  Shuttles to the upper fields from the stadium will be provided for athletes, coaches, and officials only.  Spectators will be responsible for their own transportation. Shuttles will leave from the north-west of the stadium bleechers.  For a map of the campus, please click here.

Parking Info:

Limited parking is available on campus.  Street parking is available near the track stadium.

Stadium Entry:

Athletes and coaches may enter through the participant’s gates near the start of the 100m.  All spectators must enter through the top gate of the stadium, there is a $3 entrance fee for spectators.  Entrance for anyone with an Oxy ID is free.  No spectators or non-participating athletes or coaches will be allowed on the infield.


All athletes competing in running events are asked to check-in at the orange clerk’s tent (near the 100 meter start) at least 20 minutes prior to the start of their event.  Running event athletes are encouraged to check in early and can check in at any time. Field event athletes check-in at your event site 20 mins prior to the start of the first flight of your event. 

College/University Entry Fees

All colleges/universities are required to pay their entry fees at the table near to the check in tent (near the 100m start) as soon as they arrive.

Field Events:

All horizontal jumps and throws athletes will get 6 attempts.


Starting Heights:

High Jump - Men at 1.83m (6’0"), Women at 1.47m (4'9.75")

Pole Vault - Men at 4.12m (13'6.25"), Women at 2.87m (9’5”)

The high jump bar will be raised in 5cm increments and the pole vault bar will be raised in 15cm increments.


Implements for all throwing events will be weighed in from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM on the west side of the track (near the Training Room).  

Training Room Resources:

Training room and trainer will be available. Please bring your own training kit.


Results will be available online after the meet concludes. They will also be posted on the board by the tennis courts during the meet.

Time Schedule: 

Field Events

11:00 AM         M Shot Put (women to follow)

                        W Discus (men to follow)

                        W Pole Vault (men to follow)

                       W Long Jump (men to follow)

2:00 PM           W Hammer (men to follow)

                         M Javelin (women to follow)

3:00 PM           W High Jump  (men to follow)

4:30 PM           W Triple Jump (men to follow) 


Running Events

2:20 M 4 x 800m Relay

2:30                 W 100m Hurdles

2:40                 M 110m Hurdles

2:55                 W 4 x 100m Relay

3:00                 M 4 x 100m Relay

3:05                 W 1500m

3:30                 M 1500m

4:00                 W 400m

4:15                 M 400m

4:35                 W 100m

4:55                 M 100m

5:25                 W 800m

5:45                 M 800m

6:15                 W 400m Hurdles

6:30                 M 400m Hurdles

6:55                 W 200m

7:20                 M 200m          

7:45                 W 4 x 400m Relay

7:55                 M 4 x 400m Relay

8:10                 W 3000m SC

8:25                 M 3000m SC

8:40                 W 5000m

9:20                 M 5000m