Emma Arellano Joins Oxy Tigers

Emma Arellano Joins Oxy Tigers

LOS ANGELES — The Occidental women's basketball team participated in Team IMPACT's Draft Day to claim Emma Arellano as a member of the Tigers for her birthday on Dec. 9.

Emma and the group got together in the Johnson Student Center for pizza, activities and other birthday fun. 

"Draft day was a huge success," Oxy head coach Anahit Aladzhanyan said. "We've been excited by the opportunity to partner up with Team IMPACT upon learning about the great work that they do and upon learning about our Emma. It's easy for us to get caught up with our everyday lives and lose perspective of how fortunate we are on so many levels.  I'm hopeful that we can bring some joy and a sense of belonging to Emma while she reminds us to continuously embrace an attitude of gratitude."

Read More About Emma's Story Below:

Emma is 7-years-old and lives in Monrovia, CA with her parents. Emma was diagnosed with Leukemia in the Fall of 2012 and spent most of her childhood in the hospital walls. Up until 1.5 years ago, the hospital was all she knew, she was completely isolated from peers. Though Emma has since beat the cancer, the chemo treatments has created residual complications including a lump located on her hip which the doctors have been keeping their eye on. Emma is in the first grade and though she is surrounded by peers, she would much rather be home doing art. A lover of all things singing, dancing, crafts, and everything in between, Emma will never disappoint you with her many talents. She's been through many obstacles in her young life, but none of them have gotten in the way of her perseverance. Things may not come to her the first time around, but she's always willing to give them a try—a true inspiration to those of us who are so lucky to be around her. 

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