Oxy Extends Winning Streak Against Whittier

Oxy Extends Winning Streak Against Whittier

By Chase Mitchell

LOS ANGELES - Occidental's women's tennis team has won back to back matches against Pacific Lutheran University and Whittier College.

Led by star No.1 Samantha Farrell, the tigers have won three of the last four and were ranked #20 by ITA in the West Region on Thursday. 

PLU Recap

Oxy beat PLU 6-3 on Tuesday, winning all three doubles matches. 

"Jane Wright rejoined the No.1 doubles with Farrell, ripping hard flat shots down the middle to disconnect their No.1 doubles team" said Oxy head coach Rachel Manasse. "Samantha did a great job in No.1 Singles staying consistent even though it wasn't her best day. She did a great job opening up the court with her backhand cross, ripping her forehand inside in. She really stayed on the baseline and dictated the court, and continues to roll this season in No.1 singles." 

Position  Occidental College  Pacific Lutheran University  Winner  Score
 #1 Singles  Samantha Farrell  Caroline Dreher  Occidental College  7-5, 3-6, 10-7
 #2 Singles  Andrea Clawson  Hannah Jeffries  Occidental College  6-4, 7-6(2)
 #3 Singles  Alana Adelman  Bayley Gochanour  Pacific Lutheran University  6-0, 6-1
 #4 Singles  Nicole Pelletier  Kristi Floyd  Pacific Lutheran University  0-6, 6-4, 6-4
 #5 Singles  Lauren Hutkin  Lauren Kearney  Occidental College  7-5, 6-1
 #6 Singles  Emily Davis  Kylie Rademacher  Pacific Lutheran University  6-1, 7-6(4)
 #1 Doubles  Samantha Farrell 
 Weera Wright
 Caroline Dreher 
 Hannah Jeffries
 Occidental College  8-4
 #2 Doubles  Andrea Clawson 
 Alana Adelman
 Lauren Kearney 
 Bayley Gochanour
 Occidental College  9-8 (3)
 #3 Doubles  Nicole Pelletier 
 Lauren Hutkin
 Kristi Floyd 
 Victoria Bolshakova
 Occidental College  8-5


Whittier Recap

Oxy followed that up with a big 5-4 conference win over Whittier on Saturday.

"Alana played some of the best tennis of her season that day. In singles she did a great job of absorbing pace, and then redirected the ball off the court" said Oxy head coach Rachel Manasse. "In doubles, she did an extraordinary job of moving at the net and being the aggressor. Even though she's only a sophomore, she led this doubles team in the way a senior captain would." 

Position  Occidental College  Whittier College  Winner  Score
 #1 Singles  Samantha Farrell  Kindall Yeung  Occidental College  6-1, 6-0
 #2 Singles  Weera Wright  Amanda Rodriguez  Whittier College  6-0, 6-0
 #3 Singles  Andrea Clawson  Kallysta Lopez  Whittier College  6-0, 6-2
 #4 Singles  Alana Adelman  Kiara Embrey  Occidental College  6-1, 6-2
 #5 Singles  Nicole Pelletier  Maddie Schmidt  Occidental College  6-3, 7-5
 #6 Singles  Lauren Hutkin  Karissa Lee  Occidental College  6-4, 6-2
 #1 Doubles  Samantha Farrell 
 Weera Wright
 Amanda Rodriguez 
 Kindall Yeung
 Whittier College  8-1
 #2 Doubles  Andrea Clawson 
 Alana Adelman
 Karissa Lee 
 Kiara Embrey
 Occidental College  8-1
 #3 Doubles  Nicole Pelletier 
 Lauren Hutkin
 Maddie Schmidt 
 Kallysta Lopez
 Whittier College


This has been a strong season for the women, with a current record of 5-6. 

Next Match: The Tigers are back in action on Friday against Pomona-Pitzer at Scholl Canyon. 

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